Who Is Altiostar?

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • Altiostar is a stealth-mode company focused on the LTE RAN; per an SEC filing, it has raised over $50 million and seems to have a connection to Cisco.
  • What, exactly, the connection between Cisco and Altiostar is remains to be seen, particularly in light of Cisco’s acquisition of Ubiquisys earlier this year.

Everyone loves a stealth-mode company.

Okay, we may not all love the companies, but we like talking about them.  We like being a part of the “in crowd,” the people who are connected and have some knowledge that isn’t shared by everyone else.  We like the intrigue and challenge of trying to figure out what the company is up to, particularly if it could be disruptive to our own business.  And if it looks to be disruptive, we might even think we need to understand the company in order to stave off a future competitor.  Continue reading “Who Is Altiostar?”