Just in Time: The VNF Marketplace Opens for Business in 2015

David Snow
David Snow

Summary Bullets:

  • Four announcements in one week on the status of rival VNF interoperability and NFV partner ecosystems point to the fact that the VNF market is well and truly open for business.
  • Despite the fact that there has been some jostling for limelight between VNF ‘independents’ and major VNF vendors, all this is good news for telcos.

With the holiday season looming, December is either a time when telecom vendor activity starts to fall off or, conversely, there’s a rush to get things out by the end of the calendar year. The latter seemed to be the case for the network functions virtualization (NFV) ecosystem during the course of the past week, when we were treated to a barrage of announcements in this area. Continue reading “Just in Time: The VNF Marketplace Opens for Business in 2015”