NTT DOCOMO’s vEPC Launch – The Plot Thickens

David Snow - Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure
David Snow – Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

Summary Bullets:                 

  • Late to announce its participation in NTT DOCOMO’s commercial vEPC launch, Fujitsu/Nokia pushes the projects VNFM count up to at least two.
  • More than ever before, the VNFM is attracting serious attention with carrier options for VNFM procurement multiplying.

A couple of weeks back, on March 9, NTT DOCOMO commercially launched its national vEPC infrastructure and we made some comments in this blog of March 17 around the significance of this rollout in terms of being “multi-vendor”, “NFV” and “on time”.  In particular, we noted the fact that DOCOMO had selected three vendors from an original cadre of six after several years of intense cross-vendor VNF/MANO/NFVI testing. Almost inevitably, that statement was challenged by a subsequent vendor announcement and a number of calls to Current Analysis from “the other three”. Continue reading “NTT DOCOMO’s vEPC Launch – The Plot Thickens”