OpenStack Summit 2016: Netronome Offers Scalable Zero-Trust Security and Higher-Performance Connectivity with New 25G Adapter

Glen Hunt - Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure

Glen Hunt – Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing Infrastructure

Summary Bullets:

  • Increased east-west server-to-server data center traffic leaves traditional perimeter defense mechanisms challenged to provide adequate trust and privileges for virtual machines (VMs) while current zero-trust mechanisms consume valuable server resources.
  • Netronome’s new Agilio CX intelligent server adapter promises to deliver 25 Gbps of throughput; integration with Open vSwitch firewall and Mirantis OpenStack delivers the benefits of hardware acceleration and improved VM performance.

At the August 2016 OpenStack Summit, Netronome announced enhancements to its Agilio Server Networking Platform with the introduction of the Agilio CX dual-port 25GbE intelligent server adapter (ISA) and Agilio OVS Firewall software. The new platform is integrated with the Mirantis OpenStack solution, with the goal of easing cloud-based provisioning, and promises to improve performance and scale when implementing Linux Firewall-based as well as zero-trust security using OpenStack security groups. As service providers migrate their infrastructures to a data center model to meet growing demands for cloud-based services, issues such as scale and security increase ever more. Read more of this post