TEOCO: Can Its New 5G ASSET Design Tool Ready Operators for 5G Buildouts?

Ron Westfall - Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure
Ron Westfall – Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Summary Bullets:

  • TEOCO recently unveiled its 5G ASSET Design tool solution aimed at driving operator network modelling of 5G deployment scenarios and elevating operator consideration of its overall portfolio for 5G network builds.
  • The 5G ASSET Design tool counters existing OSS/BSS solutions that include 5G network design and planning tools, creating a time-to-market shortfall for TEOCO. Moreover, the new tool does not paper over TEOCO’s portfolio gaps in driving overall 5G network buildouts.

In September, TEOCO unveiled its new 5G ASSET Design tool solution. The solution addresses the following 5G network design priorities:

– Ensuring smooth transitions from existing 4G network performance optimization planning to the early-stage design of 5G networks;
– Planning 5G networks to ensure the automation of traffic offload processes and maximize revenue capture opportunities; and
– Generating 5G network designs that account for the expected effect of 5G frequency bands in relation to network site and cell densities.

TEOCO promotes the 5G ASSET Design tool as purpose-designed to optimize operator planning and design of 5G network builds. This approach targets assuring smooth transitions from existing 4G network performance optimization to the early design stages of 5G networks. What competitive advantages can TEOCO look to generate from the new solution?

  • New 5G Design Tool Enhances Overall Portfolio: With the launch of the 5G ASSET Design tool, TEOCO targets capitalizing on the early stages of operator 5G network planning. By winning operator mind share at the nascent stages, TEOCO bolsters its sales and marketing ceiling to pull through its service assurance and revenue management products in supporting 5G network buildouts. Through targeting 5G network design applications, TEOCO strengthens its portfolio consideration with operator 5G network decision makers.
  • New Design Tool Boosts 5G Network Buildout Credibility: Through the 5G ASSET Design launch, TEOCO strengthens its channel credentials to drive operator 5G network buildouts. This includes supporting operator design objectives that use return on investment (ROI) financial data on a per-site basis to optimize mobile site distribution and design. Likewise, this also extends to planning and structuring 5G networks to automate traffic offload upon the breach of pre-set network traffic thresholds and improving revenue capture capabilities.

While the 5G ASSET Design tool upgrades TEOCO’s existing OSS/BSS portfolio, the company has yet to prove it can effectively differentiate the new solution, leaving some key sales and marketing opportunities on the table:

  • 5G Portfolio Gaps: With the 5G ASSET Design launch, TEOCO brings market attention to the 5G network design requirements of operators. However, even if TEOCO wins the 5G network design battles, the company’s portfolio gaps in areas such as core service fulfillment, end-to-end service orchestration, and customer experience management (CEM) systems undercut its capacity to win new 5G business. These portfolio gaps risk becoming glaring liabilities in 5G network environments as operators increasingly look to integrate service assurance and service fulfillment functions under their service orchestration platforms. Likewise, service assurance and revenue management processes must align with network-wide policy and CEM implementations to scale 5G applications such as SDN-enabled service chaining and service slicing as well as digital engagement models.
  • Behind the 5G Design Curve Already: Major network planning and OSS/BSS rivals Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, Oracle, Amdocs and Netcracker already include 5G modelling within their portfolios. This immediately reduces TEOCO’s sales and marketing window to establish 5G network design differentiation. Likewise, these rivals can reasonably assert time-to-market advantages over TEOCO’s 5G ASSET Design proposition. This obliges TEOCO to produce 5G modelling use cases that show its solution commands a performance edge over competing solutions which overcomes the time-to-market shortfalls.

Overall, TEOCO’s new 5G ASSET Design tool upgrades TEOCO’s OSS/BSS proposition, especially in meeting the 5G network modelling and planning trends among many operators. But, TEOCO needs to expand its portfolio to meet growing operator demand to integrate their service assurance and service fulfillment processes and scale CEM-enabled digital engagement within 5G network environments.

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