The Telco Blockchain Bandwagon is Ready for Take Off

Ron Westfall – Research Director, Global Technology Telecom and Software

• Blockchain is generating many headlines, mostly related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the prospect of a new paradigm for fully secure and trusted transactions.

• Telcos are now getting on board what is being billed as the next $1 billion opportunity but must figure out how to work with their suppliers in building new capabilities, ranging from the elimination of hated roaming fees to new connected device services like drone deliveries.

As telcos continue to struggle across the board with declines in both revenue and profitability, blockchain is emerging as a technology with the potential to radically transform the telecommunications industry as well as many other industries. A recent forecast by ResearchAndMarkets predicts revenue from the telecom blockchain will increase by an 80%+ compound annual growth rate over the next five years to nearly $1 billion, while consulting stalwart Accenture sees the potential for a $1 trillion global telco blockchain ecosystem. Even with the wide variance in market forecasts, there is a broad industry consensus that blockchain will grow significantly and play a powerful role in transforming the telco business model and overall industry. Continue reading “The Telco Blockchain Bandwagon is Ready for Take Off”