Mobile Operators Are Looking to Incubate Their Way to 5G Success

John Byrne – Service Director, Global Technology Telecom and Software

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•T-Mobile US introduced a new incubator program designed to foster 5G innovation. Operators and networking vendors are increasingly in the business of seeding 5G innovation.

•The growing number of 5G innovation hubs highlights the growing challenge facing mobile operators hoping to monetize expensive 5G network buildouts.

Mobile operator T-Mobile US announced a new “5G Connected Future” incubator program in February that combines technology, academia, “Curiosity,” and seed money, in a bid to foster new revenue-generating 5G applications.

T-Mobile will collaborate with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) on the program, which represents an expansion of T-Mobile’s Accelerator program. T-Mobile reports it has worked with 67 startup companies that have raised over $50 million in funding since participating in the Accelerator program, all focused on building immersive 5G-based applications such as augmented/virtual reality applications, holographic displays, and robotics. Continue reading “Mobile Operators Are Looking to Incubate Their Way to 5G Success”