Cisco’s Internet of Everything Agenda: A Solution Engineering, Data and Monetization Anecdote

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • For all the hype surrounding it, tying the Internet of Everything (IoE; much less the Internet of Things, IoT) to network infrastructure solutions or revenues isn’t straightforward
  • Ultimately, “connecting the dots” requires a broader view about what an increasingly connected society means in terms of data creation, data analytics, data security, etc.
  • That applies to network vendors, but also any service provider who hopes to profit from these trends.

Last week, Cisco announced its fiscal 2014 financial performance and results. If you own Cisco stock or care about its viability (say, because you have deployed a lot of Cisco gear), you probably know the highlights already: non-GAAP revenues were down 3% over 2013 while net income remained stable; service provider revenues were down; security revenues were up; new IoE momentum was registered in municipalities ranging from Hamburg, to Kansas City, Copenhagen, and Barcelona. Continue reading “Cisco’s Internet of Everything Agenda: A Solution Engineering, Data and Monetization Anecdote”

The RAN Congestion Solutions Market Just Got Congested

David Snow
David Snow
  • Widely different and non-standardized solutions are being proposed to solve the problem of radio access network congestion both from the device and network sides
  • The fact that these solutions are being actively sought by carriers show the importance they now attach to keep individual customers from churning

The last couple of weeks have seen a surge in the number of solutions and proposals being put forward to solve the problem of radio access network congestion impacting user experience. Of course, network congestion has long been a problem in mobile networks and there are many standard interfaces, network intelligence and analytics companies and solutions involved in helping minimize it. The focus on customer experience management over the past few years has also provided added impetus and, notwithstanding the vaunted capacity claims of the next generation of radio access, network congestion will likely always be with us to some degree or other. However, there’s now evidence of some “out of the box” thinking going on by vendors close to the action, and what’s especially interesting, is that they are tackling the problem from widely different angles. Continue reading “The RAN Congestion Solutions Market Just Got Congested”