Mavenir Resurfaces as ‘Mitel Mobility’ – Stabilized but Synergies Yet Awaited

David Snow
David Snow

Summary Bullets:

  • After a shaky start, Mitel’s acquisition and integration of Mavenir Systems has resulted in the launch of ‘Mitel Mobility.’
  • While revenues have recovered, the next challenge is to show that the acquisition can exploit the promised IP-based service synergies.

On August 1st, after three months of integration into Mitel following completion of its acquisition, Mavenir Systems has emerged, re-branded as ‘Mitel Mobility.’ Until this milestone, the last five months of Mavenir’s history have been largely hidden from public view following its acquisition announcement at the beginning of Mobile World Congress in March. In terms of public perception, the acquisition didn’t get off to a very good start, with the company gaining the accolade of the “worst news conference” of the show from one reporter as well as most companies (and quite a few analysts) to which Current Analysis spoke, having real difficulty in working out quite what was the rationale for the acquisition. The bemusement was not just confined to outsiders; apart from Mavenir’s CEO seeming somewhat unprepared to talk about the acquisition, employees of Ulticom, which itself had recently been acquired by Mavenir, reportedly rushed to their browsers to find out who on earth it was that they were working for now. Continue reading “Mavenir Resurfaces as ‘Mitel Mobility’ – Stabilized but Synergies Yet Awaited”