Comptel and Apttus Advance the Salesforce Communications Industry Framework to Drive Operator Engagement Models

Ron Westfall - Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure
Ron Westfall – Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Summary Bullets:

• Comptel and Apttus recently debuted a joint solution built on the Salesforce Communications Industry Framework (SCIF). The solution targets operators adopting cloud-based business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms to meet their emerging digital engagement demands.

• The Comptel/Apttus partnership indicates that SCIF, originally introduced in May, is building the supporting ecosystem it needs to produce innovative cloud-oriented solutions. However, the framework needs to add security and assurance specialists to spur wider operator consideration and adoption.

In October 2016, Comptel and Apttus unveiled a joint B2C solution developed on the new SCIF. The cloud-based framework is designed to help operators improve the customer engagement experience across all their channels by integrating Salesforce into existing operator environments, streamlining the transfer of data between business and consumer applications and between operator OSS and BSS processes.

The Comptel/Apttus solution meets emerging operator B2C application demands such as self-service configuration; real-time network usage tracking; and catalog-to-order flow, orchestration and fulfillment. What competitive advantages can Salesforce, Comptel and Apttus look to generate from their collaboration?

Targets Clearly Identified Operator Pain Points: Salesforce’s 2016 Connected Subscriber Report indicates a third of all subscribers would more likely stay loyal to their service provider if they could avoid repeating information to every service agent on support issues.

Salesforce Differentiators: The combination of cloud expertise and global CRM footprint enables Salesforce to differentiate on a cost and deployment time basis against the on-premises and cloud CRM/B2C application solutions offered by Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft. Salesforce’s cloud DNA and portfolio help differentiate the SCIF to drive operator adoption of the cloud to scale their expanding B2C digital business.

While the Comptel/Apttus collaboration attests to the application development benefits of SCIF, the partners must prove operators will adopt their solutions. How can Salesforce and its partners improve the framework’s appeal to operators?

Expand Partnerships: Initial SCIF partners include Apttus, Comptel, bit2win, ClickSoftware, CloudSense, Sigma Systems, Vlocity and Accenture, a solid foundation for advancing the influence of SCIF in the operator channel. However, Salesforce still needs to enlist more partners with expertise in hot-button areas such as cloud security and service assurance suppliers.

Enlist Operator Endorsements: Salesforce needs to enlist operators to endorse the SCIF-enabled solutions to confirm the economic and scaling benefits of its cloud-based approach. This can start by influencing existing customers, such as Vodafone, O2 and Time Warner Cable, to test new applications purpose-developed for cloud environments such as the Comptel/Apttus joint solution.

Overall, the SCIF provides a strong framework for operators to adopt cloud-based CRM/fulfillment applications, and the Comptel/Apttus collaboration appears to address core operator customer engagement requirements such as self-service configuration and provisioning. Now, Salesforce and its partners need proof points to confirm that operators are on board.

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