Google Fiber: Will Gigabit Wireless, and Going Long, Keep It Relevant?

Erik Keith – Principal Analyst, Fixed Access Infrastructure

Summary Bullets:

  • Google Fiber, despite its still-small subscriber footprint, still generates plenty of hype, even after pulling back on its ambitious growth plans.
  • With a commitment to buildouts in major U.S. cities, gigabit wireless networking, and ongoing fiber technology development, Google Fiber appears to be in for the long haul, but must fill its leadership vacuum quickly.

Half a decade ago, Google Fiber announced its intentions to blow up the U.S. broadband market by building out its own gigabit fixed broadband service – a massive improvement over most cable and telco broadband services currently offered – for only $70 per month. Most of the Google Fiber footprint is served by GPON networking equipment, with the exception being the Ethernet FTTP assets in Utah, acquired from the failed Utopia project. Continue reading “Google Fiber: Will Gigabit Wireless, and Going Long, Keep It Relevant?”