Google Fiber’s Brewing Little Secret Exposed: It’s GPON!

Erik Keith
Erik Keith

Summary Bullets:

  • Google Fiber’s use of GPON, instead of active/P2P Ethernet FTTH, while somewhat shocking at first, is not surprising upon further examination, as GPON provides operators with a more cost-effective approach to delivering Gigabit services.
  • GPON provides tremendous advantages over Ethernet FTTH thanks to statistical multiplexing of data traffic over the access network.  In fact, several key operators offering Gigabit services selected GPON over Ethernet FTTH for this very reason.

Last week, Google Fiber made another big pronouncement that it has added 34 more cities in nine U.S. metro areas to its list of potential new fiberhoods.  This, of course, generated a massive amount of publicity for Google Fiber in the U.S. and globally.  In the meantime, across the Atlantic, the FTTH Council Europe held its annual conference in Stockholm, Sweden, where we learned that the Google Fiber network is not Ethernet FTTH, but (drum roll, please)…GPON! Continue reading “Google Fiber’s Brewing Little Secret Exposed: It’s GPON!”