LTE-Broadcast: Commercialization and the Ghost of Failed Technologies

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Earlier this week, I posted a column to Fierce Wireless on the topic of LTE-Broadcast.

The basic premise was fairly simple. While the business model around broadcast linear television may be suspect (or even dated), the current thinking around LTE-Broadcast is about much more: data services, peak traffic offload, special event content offers. Likewise, if we want operators to be innovative, we must be open to the introduction of new technologies – even if the business models around their deployment are not 100% understood yet.

However, I left two key questions out of the column. First, since the concept of broadcast or multicast services over cellular networks isn’t new, what’s going to make LTE-Broadcast different from its predecessor MBMS (broadcast over 3G)? Second, what’s the role of standards here?

Luckily, the answer to both is pretty much the same. It’s all about ecosystem support. Continue reading “LTE-Broadcast: Commercialization and the Ghost of Failed Technologies”