Ericsson and SAP: Putting the Cloud in Managed EMM Services

Ron Westfall
Ron Westfall

Summary Bullets:

  • The Ericsson-SAP alliance yields the global telco and IT channels to accelerate business adoption of enterprise mobility management (EMM) apps
  • The alliance advances SAP’s strategic competitive objective of countering Oracle, IBM and HP in both the IT and telco realms

Ericsson and SAP extended their alliance to target the burgeoning EMM market segment. The new EMM solution combines Ericsson’s IT managed services with the SAP Mobile Secure product to enable cloud-based implementations of Mobile Secure. The move supports operator objectives in winning more enterprise mobility business as consumer mobility revenues become less predictable due to factors such as expanding OTT consumption and intensified competition. However the Ericsson-SAP EMM alliance needs to navigate three channel challenges in order to be successful in the EMM space over the next three years. These include: Continue reading “Ericsson and SAP: Putting the Cloud in Managed EMM Services”