MWC 2015: The “Same but Different” from MWC 2014: Time For More NFV Vendor Differentiation

David Snow
David Snow

Summary Bullets:

  • Mobile World Congress will once again be dominated with the move to NFV-based architectures, but this year we’ll see far more differentiation between vendors
  • “Older” technologies like IMS and DPI are finding new momentum and application in this brave new world; every IP-based technology has a part to play

It’s the time of year once more when Mobile World Congress dominates the telecoms industry landscape. It’s hard to maintain “business as usual” while constantly buzzed by frantic attempts to arrange and re-arrange meetings as companies vie for airtime with customers, prospects, analysts and press during four days of feverish networking.

However, it’s good to take a step back and formulate what we might expect to see in the IP Services Infrastructure (IPSI) segment of the market. Here’s a few of them:

And that’s just three expectations for MWC 2015, there are obviously many more. All of them contribute to the NFV story in some way or other, so there’s just no getting away it. Look out for the “IPSI Roundup” Advisory Report from Current Analysis after the show and see how much our expectations were met.

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