ODL Gains Momentum with Lithium and ONF Gains Deployments with ONOS

Glenn Hunt
Glenn Hunt

Summary Bullets:

  • ODL’s third release (Lithium) appears to close the gaps from earlier versions, such as testing, performance, native support of OpenStack Neutron and broader community participation.
  • ONOS logs its first commercial/production deployment since its release in December 2014. It should mark the beginning of many more, as it touts the carrier-grade characteristics needed to run live traffic.

Why is the OpenDaylight (ODL) Lithium release (its third) an important step in the evolution of the controller? Although the details are many, several features stand out as being important for adoption in a service provider environment. These features include support for: quality of service data, because RestAPIs are more robust in the data identification process; service chaining, to provide the infrastructure needed to provision a service chain and provide the end-user application for defining it; rigorous testing, to characterize multiple use cases to help boost scalability and performance; and better support of security and automation, because with most network functions going virtual, the need for a security architecture becomes more critical, and the ability to automate functions to minimize human errors and improve productivity helps operators reduce the risk of security breaches while reducing overall operational expenses. Continue reading “ODL Gains Momentum with Lithium and ONF Gains Deployments with ONOS”