Cisco’s IoT System: Proving it’s Easy to Spell “IoT” Without “SP”

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • Cisco’s recently launched IoT System aligns well with the company’s continuing commitment to IoT sales and solutions, not to mention the need to educate the market on IoT solution components.
  • Where the launch falls short is in tying IoT to the service provider (SP).

Cisco has taken time in the past to outline the foundational components of IoT solutions. It’s “Internet of Things System” launch from late June, however, took this one step further in outlining solution building blocks, along with its own efforts to deliver new products supporting these solutions. What it didn’t do was to link these solutions to SP networks or agendas. Continue reading “Cisco’s IoT System: Proving it’s Easy to Spell “IoT” Without “SP””