Even the “Downs” of NFV Projects Point “Up”

David Snow
David Snow

Summary Bullets:

  • Telkom Austria’s pioneering live virtualized VoLTE project has been suspended with unknown impact on Metaswitch and OpenCloud
  • Counter-intuitively, the reported rationale is the high level of senior management attention required, which speaks to the last barrier that NFV will need to overcome; organizational

When it comes to the fortunes of NFV projects and particularly virtualized VoLTE (vVoLTE), this year seems to have been something of a roller coaster ride for Metaswitch and OpenCloud. Back at Mobile World Congress both companies publicized their key roles in what Telkom Austria’s Serbian subsidiary, VIP Mobile, proclaimed to be a “world premiere”; a live vVoLTE deployment. Metaswitch provided the virtual IMS and virtual SBC and OpenCloud the virtual application server. However, it wasn’t to last too long, for earlier this month it was revealed that Telekom Austria is reportedly suspending the project, due to a management reorganization. Continue reading “Even the “Downs” of NFV Projects Point “Up””