CTIA Super Mobility Week: Day Zero – 5G Comes to America

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • Six months out from Mobile World Congress, CTIA’s Super Mobility Week provides an opportunity to take the wireless market’s pulse – even if with a North American bias.
  • Even before the 2015 edition officially kicked off, it was clear that 5G was going to be a dominant theme.

There’s no shortage of opinions about the value or importance of CTIA’s Super Mobility Week. Some vendors – Ericsson and Microsoft, for example – are showing up in full force. Others are opting out, figuring that it’s just not that good of an opportunity to meet with customers and prospects. Keynotes and CTO roundtables featuring every major U.S. operator, along with the FCC Chairman, highlight insights to be gleaned from the event. Yet, if you are in the mobile device business, you’re likely to think there are greater insights being gained in San Francisco, where Apple is revealing its latest innovations. Continue reading “CTIA Super Mobility Week: Day Zero – 5G Comes to America”