What Got Ignored in 2015: The Technologies, Topics, and Events You Overlooked

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • Every year, many of our analyses get largely ignored – read many fewer times than the rest. In 2015, the topics of these reports were varied, including: big data, OSS/BSS, branding, video, SDN/NFV solutions and corporate acquisitions.
  • In many ways, the least read reports shared common themes with the most read reports. To that end, all include important insights key for telecom vendor and operator success.

Looking at the top-read reports of 2015 (see What Was Hot in 2015: The Technologies, Topics, and Events You Cared About) was an exercise in tracking what was most important in telecom over the last year. It might not be surprising, then, that SDN/NFV, 5G and strategic vendor moves (acquisitions and partnerships) dominated the list. Against that backdrop, it should be surprising that many of the same topics were well represented in a list of our least-read reports. And yet, looking at reports that generated well below average readership (25% or less of the average 2015 report), this is exactly what we found; reports focused on SDN/NFV, 5G, vendor acquisitions…not to mention video solutions, data analytics and back-office evolutions.

The message?

The reasons for any given analysis generating fewer hits than average may vary – from weak interest to event timing that puts many people out of the office when our analysis is published. Regardless, these reports still include critical insights into the market and insights into how vendors and operators, alike, need to be thinking about their strategies.

What follows are 10 of our least-read analyses from 2015, mirroring our Top 10 report, along with an explanation of why they deserve more attention than they might have gotten. These all represent important themes that shaped 2015 and will remain relevant into the new year.

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