Nokia Technologies: Strategy vs. Tactics

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich – VP, Consumer Services and Service Provider Infrastructure

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  • Focused on digital health, digital media and technology licensing, Nokia Technologies includes some of the vendor’s most exciting, speculative businesses.
  • With new scale and a solid financial footing, making bets on new businesses makes sense for Nokia. But how long can it sustain those bets?

Two weeks ago, Nokia held its first analyst conference following the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent.  It was an opportunity for the vendor and its executive ranks to deliver an update on its strategy and messaging across the breadth of its product and solution set.  That update resulted in new assessments of Nokia’s Service Enablement, IP Services Infrastructure and Fixed Access strategies.  It also provided new insight into the vendor’s Nokia Technologies business – all while highlighting a potential conflict between Nokia Technologies and broader corporate demands. Continue reading “Nokia Technologies: Strategy vs. Tactics”