Small Cell Backhaul: Tarana Knows a “Good Story” Isn’t Enough

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • Tarana Wireless, a start-up small cell backhaul vendor, held its first Analyst Day on November 19th in Berkeley, CA.
  • While the event was important for lending insights into the company’s products and strategy, it was more important as an opportunity to see its solution in action – operating as promised.

Last week, looking back at the messaging out of Alcatel-Lucent’s Tech Symposium, we talked about the value of a “good story.”  It wasn’t meant in a negative way.  It wasn’t meant to suggest that the “story” was more important than products.  Instead, where Alcatel-Lucent hasn’t always been expert at publicly showcasing its strengths, the value of a good story was simply meant to signify the importance of getting a coherent, compelling message into the market that addresses would-be customer demands.

Often, however, a good story simply isn’t enough.  Continue reading “Small Cell Backhaul: Tarana Knows a “Good Story” Isn’t Enough”