Excelacom: Ready for the OSS/BSS Sales and Marketing Prime Time?

Ron Westfall
Ron Westfall

Summary Bullets:

• Excelacom, with over 14 years of OSS/BSS experience, 25+ active customers, and 700+ headcount, plans to shed its stealth mode and embark on a proactive marketing campaign aimed at expanding its presence primarily in the operator space.

• Excelacom possesses the channels and portfolio resources to meet evolving operator OSS/BSS transformation needs and differentiate its OSS/BSS proposition, but needs a SDN/NFV strategy and new use cases to boost its cause.

Excelacom has steadily built its presence in the OSS/BSS market in stealth-like mode. Now the company is preparing to ramp up an outbound sales and marketing blitz to raise industry awareness about its Century Suite of Product Modules and drive an aggressive, long-term growth strategy. Continue reading “Excelacom: Ready for the OSS/BSS Sales and Marketing Prime Time?”