Excelacom: Ready for the OSS/BSS Sales and Marketing Prime Time?

Ron Westfall
Ron Westfall

Summary Bullets:

• Excelacom, with over 14 years of OSS/BSS experience, 25+ active customers, and 700+ headcount, plans to shed its stealth mode and embark on a proactive marketing campaign aimed at expanding its presence primarily in the operator space.

• Excelacom possesses the channels and portfolio resources to meet evolving operator OSS/BSS transformation needs and differentiate its OSS/BSS proposition, but needs a SDN/NFV strategy and new use cases to boost its cause.

Excelacom has steadily built its presence in the OSS/BSS market in stealth-like mode. Now the company is preparing to ramp up an outbound sales and marketing blitz to raise industry awareness about its Century Suite of Product Modules and drive an aggressive, long-term growth strategy.

Excelacom offers a combination of specialized consulting teams, professional services, and OSS/BSS Century software modules (i.e., order management, BSS) that target the business, technology, and operational transformation objectives of operators. Excelacom identifies Amdocs, NetCracker, and Accenture as both its main partners and competitors in addition to competing against an array of other OSS/BSS suppliers.

With Excelacom preparing to dedicate more resources toward outbound marketing how does the company plan to show it can meet the OSS/BSS transformation requirements of operators against a sea of rivals?

Established Footprint and Experience: Excelacom has over 14 years of experience in the telecom, digital media, health care, and government spaces, including at least 25 active customers. The combination of solid footprint and proven customer support enables Excelacom to claim a record of profitability.

Diverse Corporate Resources: The Excelacom headcount exceeds 700, including over 500 personnel dedicated to research and development in Chennai, India. The remaining personnel are distributed over North American and European support offices with headquarters in Reston, VA, U.S. Excelacom sees the Latin American and European markets as key target areas for further geographic expansion.

Century Product Modules Deliver Evolutionary Transformation: Excelacom believes operators require an evolutionary approach to meet their OSS/BSS transformation objectives. It has identified minimizing the risks for CIOs in pursuing transformation strategies as a major selling point. Excelacom views its Century portfolio-driven evolutionary approach as a differentiator against competitors too quick to advocate revolutionary replacement solutions.

As Excelacom embarks on its new outbound marketing strategy how can the company further improve its targeting of capturing more operator business?

SDN/NFV Strategy Requisite: Excelacom does a good job of promoting how its Century suite of product modules can solve operator OSS/BSS challenges in areas such as avoiding revenue leakage and order fallout. However it currently lacks a dedicated, robust SDN/NFV solution and message to complement its OSS/BSS proposition. Without a proactive story Excelacom risks extending its sales cycles and chasing rival SDN/NFV approaches and messages.

Produce New Use Cases: With OSS/BSS experience in verticals such as health care and digital media, Excelacom is well-positioned to publish new use cases aimed at its targeted operator audience. With operators investing more in OSS/BSS technologies such as cloud-based XaaS services to meet the distinct needs of verticals, Excelacom needs to show how its portfolio and channels can drive operator vertical expansion objectives. Excelacom’s emerging proactive approach bodes well for capturing early mind share among operators as they contemplate diversifying their revenue streams in new verticals to help offset declining voice revenues.

Overall Excelacom is poised to make a splash in the OSS/BSS realm with its coming out party. Now it must show its combination of proven channels and portfolio with a new outbound marketing strategy will solve the major OSS/BSS transformation challenges operators confront.

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