Comverse: Betting on the Kenan Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform to Boost Cloud BSS Prospects

Ron Westfall
Ron Westfall

Summary Bullets:

• Comverse unveiled its new Comverse Kenan Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform designed to advance operator and enterprise cloud BSS objectives

• The competitive prospects of the Comverse Kenan Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform are enhanced by complementary innovations in areas such as software licensing models and cloud security

Comverse recently introduced its Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform, powered by Kenan FX | CX | AX, at the TM Forum Live! Digital Disruption event. The newly overhauled Kenan suite targets emerging enterprise, operator and cloud service provider objectives to use cloud technologies to scale and differentiate their digital service packages. By delivering the Kenan module-based solutions via the cloud, Comverse asserts it enables operators to put focus on their customers and deliver services faster through a tailored approach that meets their specific business needs.

Since Comverse must compete against a wide range of BSS solutions that target monetization realization apps, how does the company plan to differentiate and advance its Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform within the operator, cloud service provider, and enterprise channels?:

Kenan FX Revenue Management: Leveraging the Kenan FX product’s origins in multi-play postpaid billing and revenue management, Comverse positions the Kenan FX module as providing the on-premise financial framework required for comprehensive customer lifecycle management. Comverse can claim to produce the latest refresh of revenue management tools to differentiate against the sea of competing BSS solutions with revenue management modules.

Kenan CX Cloud BSS: With its October 2014 release, Comverse asserts the Kenan CX provides the cloud BSS framework that meets the cloud security requirements of operators and their customers. This includes worldwide and regulatory support alongside billing operations service bureau resources.

Kenan AX: The Kenan AX module is targeted for launch at the beginning of 2015. It is designed to provide a web framework for combined recurring and usage, any-time any-service modeling. The key differentiator Comverse claims is a carrier grade web architecture and design that avoids the limitations of third-party OTT web frameworks.

As Comverse touts its latest revenue management proposition further into the operator, enterprise and cloud service provider channels, what are the key concerns and barriers the company needs to address?:

Licensing Model Innovation?: As Comverse fills in additional development details for its Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform during the course of 2015 it could boost the channel prospects of its solution by addressing the benefits of the Comverse software license model. With rivals such as Huawei ready to trumpet garnishment of BSS business from Comverse, it needs to produce software licensing innovation to complement its latest technical advances. Moreover key rival Ericsson introduced its Software 15A release to shepherd emulation of IT software models, such as better-defined software packages and transparent pricing models, into the telco space boosting its overall cloud proposition.

Cloud Security Credentials: Comverse is right on target to include cloud security as a highlight in the Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform rollout. Consistently, operators have identified cloud security as a top rolling concern in scaling cloud technology to support an expanding array of apps. However, Comverse needs to firm up its cloud security story and development to gain an upper hand on BSS rivals who have thus far neglected putting cloud security in the center of their BSS roadmaps for 2015 and beyond.

Overall Comverse can revitalize its BSS competitive prospects with successful execution of the Enterprise Monetization Realization Platform road map. The Kenan brand name continues to command customer respect in the revenue management segment enabling Comverse to boost the channel prospects of the new platform. Now can Comverse also produce additional innovations in areas such as software licensing and cloud security to further boost prospects for the new platform?

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