Helping Carriers to ‘Get Their Voice Back’

David Snow
David Snow

Summary Bullets:

  • Carriers have learned to live with OTTs for some time, but with VoLTE comes a new opportunity to mitigate them; will carriers take it?
  • Vendors have developed a number of different approaches to this challenge; ranging from the conventional to the unashamedly aggressive.

For many years, the challenge that OTT players present to carriers has been a constant industry theme impinging almost every aspect of their business. Over the course of time, the carrier response has moved from one of aggression (i.e., blocking access, which did not go down well with subscribers) to one of acceptance, mutual recognition and co-existence. However, OTTs are still eating carriers’ lunches, and while voice is a falling percentage of their revenue, it is still a service that is highly symbolic in terms of customer loyalty. So, how are vendors helping carriers handle the OTT challenge and what are their strategies to help them ‘get their voice back’ and gain renewed subscriber loyalty? Continue reading “Helping Carriers to ‘Get Their Voice Back’”