Alcatel-Lucent Is Outsourcing Its 2G/3G R&D – Should Service Providers Care?

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • As a part of the Shift Plan, Alcatel-Lucent has inked an agreement to outsource some 2G/3G R&D along with related technical support, design, development and testing operations.
  • As mature technologies, the move should not concern most of the vendor’s customers. However, as 3G continues to evolve – particularly around Alcatel-Lucent’s focus on small cells – operators must make sure the outsourcing scheme still results in solid products.

Late last week, the media began reporting that Alcatel-Lucent had signed an agreement to outsource its 2G/3G R&D and maintenance activities to HCL, an Indian ICT firm. For what seems to be a major decision – something that competitors will be quick to bring up with their customers – the news went relatively unnoticed. I can only guess why. Continue reading “Alcatel-Lucent Is Outsourcing Its 2G/3G R&D – Should Service Providers Care?”