LTE TDD: Looking Back to the Birth of a Standard

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • LTE, as a standard, was developed with a number of requirements and goals in mind: spectrum flexibility, spectral efficiency, ecosystem scale.
  • Together, these requirements and goals led the inclusion of TDD and FDD duplexing as integral components.

We all knew the 5G pendulum was going to swing back pretty hard post-Mobile World Congress this year. Sure enough, come mid-year 2014, it’s suddenly fashionable for people in the telecom industry (media, analysts, etc.) to push back on the 5G hype. You probably know the messages I’m thinking of: “There are still plenty of 2G networks supporting M2M and voice in operation.” “3G will be with us for years, so keep investing in those networks.” “LTE and LTE-A are more than capable enough to support millions upon millions of people watching million upon millions of streaming video sessions.” Continue reading “LTE TDD: Looking Back to the Birth of a Standard”