Portable Applications vs. Distributed NFV – Where’s the Broader Interest?

Peter Jarich
Peter Jarich

Summary Bullets:

  • Quortus and Cavium announced the integration of EPC software into Cavium’s small-cell silicon, delivering application intelligence at the network edge.
  • Current Analysis survey work suggests that operators do not see an interest in scaling applications to the network edge. This could be a short-sighted decision.

On July 21st, Quortus announced that it had managed to integrate EPC functionality into small-cell silicon from Cavium. Delivering “portable applications” and “edge-based intelligence” is what Quortus does, so the news was not particularly earth-shattering. Given the relatively niche use cases called out – emergency services, public safety, military communications – it was also the type of announcement that was likely to get overlooked.

Personally, it piqued my interest. Continue reading “Portable Applications vs. Distributed NFV – Where’s the Broader Interest?”